Funny Limericks organised in a easy to read format. Our list contains examples of famous and classic limericks that everyone will find funny. If you are still looking for other types of poems, check out our Funny List of Poems. If you want to try something different, read our page of Tongue Twisters and test your english pronunciation skills. A fellow jumped off a high wall, And had a most terrible fall. He went back to bed, With a bump on his head, That’s why you don’t jump off a wall. Limericks I cannot compose, With noxious smells in my nose.

English : Poetry : Limericks

While there are lots of verses about love , poems about being single can be hard to find. However, if you are single poetry can be a vehicle to help fight off loneliness and loss or serve as an anthem of pride. Whether you’re single and happy or single and lonely , poetry about your dating status captures real emotions in real time.

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National Today. National Limerick Day, held every year on May 12, pays homage to the man who made the short poems widespread — Edward Lear. With just fine lines, the first two rhyming with the fifth line, and third and fourth lines rhyming together, limericks are quick, funny poems. Although popularized by Lear, limericks first started to emerge in England in the 18th century. Limericks can be vulgar or crude, and are often inappropriate. More recent limericks have turned toward current events and social issues.


Join our email newsletter to receive free updates! Limericks can be very funny, and children will enjoy reading them and creating their own in the classroom. An artistic male cat called Greebo, To an evening class he decided to go. The teacher said, “That’s not right Your page is all white!

She met a guy who asked her for a date. They wined and they dined,. having a wonderful time,. hoping their new friendship would never abate.

Definition : Nonsensical verse of five lines. Lines 1,2, and 5 rhyme. Lines 3 and 4 rhyme. The style is termed as “aabba ” or referred to as being anapestic which means 2 short syllables followed by a long one. Limericks contain puns or wordplay. Origin: It is said that rhyme did not exist until the 14th century. Guess they were pretty grouchy up until that time? The man who is credited with inventing the limerick is named Edward Lear an English humorist and painter.

He wrote and illustrated “A Book of Nonsense” , , and “Nonsense Songs” , , The limerick-style today doesn’t exist much because we have other forms of entertainment mostly using obscenity, horror and Sci-Fi as their content. There seems to be a lack of simple, plain silliness mocking life in today’s world as the foundation for humor and entertainment. Limericks, particularly Irish ones, can also be a bit bawdy. Those seemed to originate with the idea of who can be the wittier drunk in a pub?

We hope you enjoy this plain and simple old-fashion humor!

20 Quirky And Witty Limerick Poems for Kids

Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. Click here for more information. This joke may contain profanity. Happy National Limerick Day!!

They’re up to “Fe” at the moment, and the estimated completion date is in Lascivious Limericks, Carnal Corn, and Other Good, Clean Dirty Fun/.

Limericks are a pack a lot of humor in five short, rhythmic lines. This collection of funny limericks will awaken your inner bard. The Limerick The limerick packs laughs anatomical Into space that is quite economical. Dwight There once was a runner named Dwight Who could speed even faster than light.

He set out one day In a relative way And returned on the previous night. Violinist The star violinist was bowing; The quarrelsome oarsmen were rowing. But how is the sage To discern from this page: Was it piglets, or seeds, that were sowing. My angriness sets my veins popping. I yell and I curse, With swear words diverse, But my wife does much worse: she goes shopping.

Rabbit The thoughts of the rabbit on sex Are seldom, if ever, complex; For a rabbit in need Is a rabbit indeed, And does just as a person expects. Nantucket There once was a man from Nantucket, Who kept all his cash in a bucket. His daughter, named Nan Ran away with a man, And as for the bucket, Nantucket. Canner A canner, exceedingly canny, One morning remarked to his granny.

Limerick Generator

Study, work or travel in the UK. British culture and life. A-Z index. Message Board. Contact us. A limerick is a particular style of humorous verse which originated in Ireland Limerick is a town’s name.

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And that means I write a limerick, and you write your own, using the same rhyme word. Homonyms or homophones are fine. The best submission will be crowned Limerick-Off Award Winner. Additionally, you may write themed limericks related to LOVE, using any rhyme word. How will your poems be judged? By meter, rhyme, cleverness, and humor.

Limericks For Lost Online Dates

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Limericks are a pack a lot of humor in five short, rhythmic lines. This collection of funny limericks will awaken your inner bard. Due to up-to-date science.

THE origin of the term Limerick, as applied to a certain form of five-line stanza, seems to be as yet undiscovered. A statement was recently made that this stanza is so-called because it was invented by Edward Lear, and that he was born in Limerick, Ireland. But Mr. Lear was born in London, and furthermore, he emphatically disclaims the credit of having created the type, and says that it was suggested to him by a friend as a form of verse lending itself to a limitless variety of humorous rhymes.

Another suggestion offered is that the first stanza of the kind referred to the town of Limerick. This can scarcely be true, for the type dates back many centuries, although the title is of comparatively recent application. Another explanation, and possibly the true one, is that a witty Irishman of Limerick made this particular form of stanza popular in political squibs.

But whatever the origin of the title, it has been rapidly and widely accepted and fills a positive want. The first line of these stanzas is usually a string of meaningless words which also forms a refrain at the last.

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Limericks are funny poems of five lines which are good for having a good laugh for everyone. The silly poems are especially good for the kids, both for reading and making. The creativity of the kids is unleashed as they learn to write rhyming lines and words to form a limerick. Writing witty and funny limericks also makes them use their word knowledge and learn more words to be creative.

So it is a good way for parents to develop the creativity of their kid. A limerick is a funny and short poem of five lines written in a distinctive rhythm.

Guess that is one funny love poem there to sum up the challenges of dating a woman who towers over you to the extent you will barely visible if.

Limericks originated in the Irish town of Limerick and variants can be traced to the fourteenth century. Limericks consist of five anapestic lines, the pattern of the rhyme is a – a – b – b — a. Lines 1, 2, and 5 of Limericks have seven to ten syllables and rhyme with one another. Lines 3 and 4 of Limericks have five to seven syllables and also rhyme with each other. Typically the content of Limericks can often border on the indecent, the dirty, or even the obscene, but they make people laugh!

Limericks are easy to remember and are short so no great talent is necessary to compose one. Limericks are a form of poetry that everyone feels happy to try especially when inebriated. There was an old drunkard of Devon, Who died and ascended to Heaven But he cried, this is Hades- There are no naughty ladies, And the pubs are all shut by eleven. There was a young lady of Lynn, Who was so uncommonly thin That when she essayed To drink lemonade She slipped through the straw and fell in.

There was a young lady of Nice, Who insisted on bathing in grease. She slid through the house Tormenting her spouse Til he hid in the oven for peace. There was an old man named Bill Who swallowed a nuclear pill The doctor said cough And that darn thing went off And they found his head in Brazil.

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