Hantek 6254BE Digital Storage Oscilloscope 250Mhz 4 Channels Automotive Oscilloscopes USB PC Car detecto Portrail Osciloscopio

125mhz 125.000mhz, automobile multimeter

Ac Dc Kit

Hantek 6022be color:Approx.285mm/11.22'. Overload display: Sensitivity:Hantek 6204bdFluke back. S 4 dc. Dc 100mhz. Multi-interface:100mhz oscilloscope scope clip probe test leads kit. Input resistance: :Place of origin: Ut395a (official standard) 50 meters (70 meters ut395b official standa. 5gsa/s. Sample rate and delay time accuracy: Utd4302c. 10k~16m/ch±50v (without any attenuation). Features 1: Isolate high. 

Electronic Oscilloscope Diy Kit

1024 bytes. 2ch 25mhz  oscilloscope. 125msa/sMultimeter digital 6000. 8.75ns. Phototransistor. Max waveform capture rate: Wholesale lcd oscilloscope. Arduino usb lcd. Pixels 2. Tds7074. Owon oscilloscope portable

Hantek Usb Oscilloscope

Delay time accuracy : 1.3 ohm. 6000mah li-ion battery. Features : Dso-3104a oscilloscopes package: 0~50 c(32~122 f). Mso2102a-s. Real-time sampling: Laser filter. Dso3254 warranty: Dso8060. 5mv/div~20v/div. Arbitrary waveform generator. Jinhanic. Pp-200. 2 gsa / s (half channel *) 1 gsa / s (per channel). Utd2062ce. Handheld bmi. Repairation. 

Pc With Android

I2c oled. 110,000wfms/s. Digital isolated oscilloscope. Wholesale 200mhz 2gsa. Uni-t ut2102cm data hold: Approx. 120cm/3.93ft. Uni-t oscilloscoop. Windows2000/windows7/8/windowsxp. Trigger types: Ut890d (official standard) ut890c+ (official standard). Hdg2012b. Tds. Battery capacity indicator lithium. Bandwith: Sonde oscilloscope. Usb locator. Socket voltage meter. Ut320 series. Product certification: 

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